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human resource management - staff vetting 

In the recent past, employers have been faced with the question as to who their employees are. The increase in fraudulent documents in the market has made it possible for some characters to find themselves in the job market with fake documents, criminal records and unwarranted experience.

Hawk Eye Technologies has found the solutions to weeding such persons from the job market by providing a thorough security check for pre and post-employment background for the market. Our twenty years’ experience with a huge clientele base in this field, gives our clients the confidence of getting good results.

What is Staff Vetting ?
Staff Vetting

It is a process of ensuring that the staff in an organization are the right people with the qualifications as per the documents presented and has the experience as required by the employer.
We therefore subject the candidate/applicants to the following process:-
·        Confirm the authenticity of the identification documents presented upon employment.
·        Authenticate the academic/professional testimonials presented by each employee.
·        Investigate the candidate’s character for elimination of possible criminal elements infiltration.
·        Confirm ones career history i.e. experience – number of years worked, position held and most importantly under what                             circumstances they left employment.
·        Social media search to establish the character of the person.
·        CRB ratings are counterchecked.
The whole process ensures that the employer is satisfied/comfortable with the staff engaged.

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