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FingerPrint Investigation services 

Fingerprints are unique to individual as they pose unique patterns constituting raised ridges and recessed furrows that appear on finger and thumb pads. Palms and feet prints are also unique. Whereas we can offer palm and toe prints, we rely on them in the absence of fingerprints as the latter are the most often prints for identification. 

Our Services include; 

-          Classification 
-          Analysis 
-          Comparisons (Between known & unknown fingerprints)

-          Evaluation Verification 

Our Process 

Our Fingerprint Process 

HawkEye Technologies employ the ACE-V (analysis, comparison, evaluation and verification) method to reach a determination on each print. 


This method starts by the assessment of the print to establish if they are legible for comparison. If they are suitable, the features to be used for comparison are listed together with their tolerances (acceptable variances). Such sufficiency ushers in the comparison procedures to uncover truths


Our Fingerprint experts then embark on comparison which entails viewing of the known prints with the suspect or unknown fingerprints. Hawkeye has the technology to note even miniature characteristics to determine matching instances. Known prints are obtained from person(s) of interest, those present at the crime scene, victims or from the CID databases and international systems such as IAFIS. Next is evaluation. 


Our examiners will then decide if the prints are from the same source (what we call individualization or identification), different sources (exclusion) or they are inconclusive. 


Verification is where Hawkeye calls in another examiner to independently analyze, compare and evaluate the prints to either support or refute the conclusions of the original examiner. The examiner may also verify the suitability of determinations made in the analysis phase