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Restoration of Automobile Engine/ Chassis Number

Why would need an Expert to the restoration?

We are Gazetted Forensic investigators with authority to support your theft or tampering claim in any Court in Kenya or elsewhere.

We are experts who are familiar with the restoration of chassis numbers that are tampered with. 

Wherever there is evidence of tampering of engine and chassis numbers of a vehicle such as by file marks, gauges, grind marks and signs of nesting etc. 
At Hawkeye, we have the tools and capacity to restore the numbers using a number of methods such as Chemicals, surface replica, solvents, and other chemicals.

Crime Scene Documentation 

Our services include 
The recognition of information worthy preservation, scene survey, comparision testing, evaluation and interpretation of info. 
Our recording options include;
+ Photographs, sketching and observation notes       which are all constitute the methology for crime     scene documentation
+ Photographs provide a perfmanent visual record
+ Sketching places, each item of the physical             evidence into the scene
+ The observation notes include what the                    investigator observed at the scene. E.g the              exhibits, eye witnesses etc. 


Evidence Collection 

When appointed as a private detective, HawkEye will take all measures to eansure the collect information is collected to assist in trial and provision of expert opinion in which jurisdiction it may be needed. 

Actions include 
+ Taking of sufficient photgraphs to reconstruct the scene such Entrance point,     crime commission Area , and exit points. 
Cordoning the Crime Cnee 

This is an important action. It starts with commencing a crime scene log/ administrtative log in which all actions taking place at the scene get recorded. 

Our Cordoning actions incldes barrication of the site, isolating witnesses, drawing a sketch of the site and noting every movements and patterns

Done by rope or by taping off the area (crime scene) “Crime scene do not cross”

This is a crucial step to ensure that there are not intruders, onlookers or any other unauthorized persons to step in the scene.
This way, not only the scene is protected but the evidence as well

Crime Scene Pattern Analysis 

Both indoor and outdoor, or in automobiles
The search to be conducted at the crime scene to uncover any physical evidence that will determine the facts of the crime, identify the criminal and aid in the arrest and conviction of the suspect