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Did you know that you can get the services of private detectives? Don't lose your case, don't delay you case, don't lose crucial evidence..We are here for you   
Private Detectives Hawkeye Technologies Ltd Fingerprint analysis and comparison services Document Examination Services Crime Scene Management Services &General Investigations
technical & general investigation Services
Hawkeye Technologies brings you a wealth of experienced fraud and technical investigators who are gazetted and have given evidence within the commonwealth. The team has also had long experinece in the criminal investigation departments at senior levels. 

 Our overal strategy is driven by other highly qualified and experineced professionals.
Annuitant  tracing

HAWKEYE TECHNOLOGIES LTD  helps Banks/pension schemes/insurance firms etc.  to trace a range of beneficiaries Annuitant Beneficiaries Claimants Claimant Beneficiaries Through the application of science and technology in FingerPrint Technology, Document Examination, Vetting and other detective investigations, HawkEye which constitute an experience team of Investigators can help unravel the beneficiaries. 

General Investigations 

Our general investigation services include; 

+ Fraud Investigations 

+ Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection

+ Asset Tracing 

+ Defaulter Tracing 

+ Physical Security Audit 

+ Staff Vetting 

Fingerprint Investigation 

Solve dispute regarding fingerprints through our experts at Hawk Technology. Our Forensic Fingerprint department specializes in; 

+ Forensic Analysis for Latent Finger Marks

+ Recording and Classification of Finger Marks 

+ Expert Opinion between Forged and original finger marks

Document Examination 

Equipped with experienced document examiners and investigators, Hawk technology is able to identify; 

+ Forged documents (IDs, Certificated, deeds, Wills  etc). 

+ Exhibit Examinations, signatures, stamp impressions, & perforated documents 

+ Expert Opinion in disputed documents 

+ Handwriting Analysis (forged vs. original)

+ Forensic analysis on questioned documents

Crime scene Management 

Our investigators are experienced to manage you scene of crime to ensure that key evidence is preserved and protected from contaminations. When contracted, Hawk CSM Services include; 

+ Cordoning the scene of crime 

+ Evidence Collection and preservation 

+ Crime scene Documentation And others