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Since 1998

Mr. Edward Obonyo 

     Head of Crime Scene Management, 

      Hawkye Technology 

Mr. Obonyo heads the crime scene and photography unit at  Hawk Eye . He is an Authority in forensic crime scene management and investigation. 

He is trained on Intensive forensic crime scene management in Israel, National Police college and practiced at forensic crime scene laboratory in Jerusalem. Until retirement, Mr. Obonyo worked as deputy in charge of crime unit in Kenya CID HQ. 

Being a gazetted expert in scenes of crime and photography, he has atteded serious crime scenes countrywide and testified in various courts of law on cases related to forensic crime scene investigation over the years. 
In August 1998, he was amongst forensic crime scene investigators assigned to investigate bomb blast at the then American Embasy - Nairobi 
Qualified FingerPrint Expert 
Vast Experience (Local & International) 
Superior Training & Practice