Since 1998

Raphael D. Musau (HSC)

     Managing Director & C.E.O, 

      Hawkye Technology 

      Expert Area: FingerPrint Technology 

Rapahel Musau is the Managing Director and partner at Hawk Eye Technologies. Prior to Starting the Investigation company in 1998, he had vast experience in Investigation Having Worked in Kenya CID headquarters as Lead Investigator on FingerPrints.

Raphael Daudi Musau is a celebrated professional in fingerprints knowledge.  He unravelled the mystery of the unidentified body dumped in a desolate thicket deep in the Hyena infested Ngong Forest in March, 1975. He was the custodian of the fingerprints of all known criminals in the country. His word on the identity of fingerprint was final and could free or lead to the jailing of a suspected criminal.

Qualified FingerPrint Expert 
Vast Experience (Local & International) 
Superior Training & Practice 
Most Sought After
Document Forgeries
Title Deeds
Bank Cheques

  • Qualified FingerPrint Expert 
  • Vast Experience (Local & International) 

  • Superior Training & Practice 
  • Most Sought After

Personal Statement 

Personal Statement By Mr. Raphael D Musau (HSC)

I, Raphael D Musau is a qualified FingerPrint Expet and analysis in latent fingerprints on disputed documents and items suspected to have been interfered with by the culprit at the crime scene.  Before being a expert in fingerprints analysis, I trained in fingerprints technology at the Kenya CID fingerprint bureau before proceeding for further training in the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard and Glasgow Fingerprints bureau in Scotland. 

Later, I trained the computerization of fingerprints in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, a training that Lasted 10 years before I became an expert. Based on these extensive traing and practise, I present myself to you as an expert who can handle forensic fingerprint analysis and expert witnes in fingerprint analysis, and a trainer in fingerprint technology. 

At an affordable fee, you can receive an expert opinion on fingerprint technology plus testifying in your court case if needed.   

+ Founder of the First Kenya National FingerPrint Bureau

+ Headed the National Fingerprint RegistrationBureau as the Chief Officer 

+ Trained FingerPrint Experts Locally and Internationally (Jamaica, South Africa and Britain)

+ Traced and Identified many wanted criminals 

+ Worked at the CID criminal records office as the officer in charge 

+ Designed the New Kenya Identity Card from the colonial ID/Card 

+ Tracing and identifying of wanted criminals through fingerprint and marks at the scene of crime

Founder Member of Hawk Eye Technologies Ltd, a private invetigation company dealing with Technical (forensic) and General Investigations

I have trained Fingerprint Staff in the following entities 

  • NSSF
  • Kenya Police 
  • Administration Police
  • National Registration Bureau
  • Criminal Records Office/ DCI
  • Kenya Millitary