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Since 2015

Mr. Emmanuel Karisa Kenga

     Head of Forensic Document  Examiner 

      Hawkye Technology 

Emmanuel Kenga is a Retired Commisioner of police and qualified forensic document Examiner and trainer of more than 28 years. 

He is a trained Document Examiner at the CID Headquarter Laboratories in Nairobi - National Police HQ, Jerusalem, Israel, Interpol HQs in Lyon France and in Moshi Tanzania. 

Commisioner Kena has provided several expert opinion in many courts in East Africa 
Qualified FingerPrint Expert 
Vast Experience (Local & International) 
Superior Training & Practice 
Most Sought After
Document Forgeries
Title Deeds
Bank Cheques

Personal Statement 

Personal Statement By Mr. Karisa Kenga 

I, Emmanuel Karisa is a qualified Handwriting Expet and Forensic document Examiner dealing in signature analysis, forgery, stamp impressions and perforated documents. I specialize in disputed documents and can render a verbal or written opinion and even attend to court and testify to the findings. 

If you are looking for a qualified investigation expert in the above discipline, in me, you find a reliable investigator for forensic document examiner for forgeries, wills, disguised writing, notes, cheques, poison pen letter alterations among other documents.