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Hawk Eye Technology team constitutes; Top Management and Partners who head the main department 
(FingerPrint Analysis and Comparison, Document Examination, Technical Investigations, and other General Investigations). Besides the Management, Hawkeye Departments pose a team of qualified and experinced investigators together with Operation and front office.
Designation: Crime Scene & Photography Head
Mr. Obonyo heads the crime scene and photography unit at Hawk Eye . He is an Authority in forensic crime scene management and investigation. He is trained on Intensive forensic crime scene management in Israel, National Police college and practiced at forensic crime scene laboratory in Jerusalem. Until retirement, Mr. Obonyo worked as deputy in charge of crime unit in Kenya CID HQ.
raphael daudi musau hsc
Designation: Managing Director & C.E.O
Rapahel Musau is the Managing Director and partner at Hawk Eye Technologies. Prior to Starting the Investigation company in 1998, he had vast experience in Investigation Having Worked in Kenya CID headquarters as Lead Investigator on FingerPrints 
KENGA 2 - Copy
Designation: Forensic Document Examiner
Emmanuel Kenga is a Retired Commisioner of police and qualified forensic document Examiner and trainer of more than 28 years. He is a trained Document Examiner at the CID Headquarter Laboratories in Nairobi - National Police HQ, Jerusalem, Israel, Interpol HQs in Lyon France and in Moshi Tanzania. Commisioner Kenya has provided several expert opinion in many courts in East Africa
Other investigators

Fraud investigations for crimes committed by individuals or corporate bodies