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Who we are

Hawk eye technologies limited is an Investigation Company, having our HQ office at the Insecta Center, along Muthangari Drive, Off Muthangari Road, Lavington, Nairobi - Kenya. 

Hawk Eye was incorporated in1998 in Nairobi Kenya and has since expanded its presence in east and central Africa (excluding Tanzania) licensed to carry out private investigations specialized in the fields of technical evidence. We also carry out security audit/survey, forensic investigations, cybercrime investigations, fraud investigations and training.  

In early 2001, we were licensed as trainers by the national industrial training authority (NITA). Our aim is to protect our client from being victims of internal and external fraud and loses through theft.Our team comprises of both fraud and technical investigators who are gazetted and have given evidence within the commonwealth. They also have a long experience in criminal department at senior levels. 

Hawk Eye Technologies Limited was incorporated in 1998 with presence in East and Central Africa (excluding Tanzania) Licensed to carry out Private Investigations specialized in the fields of forensic investigations. Our role is to protect our clients from being victims of internal/external frauds.
To provide regional security solutions and forensic investigation in combating crime
To be the partner of choice in security, forensic, investigation and background checks.
Dedication to fulfilling the mission and commitment to carrying out duties.
Abide by sound ethical code of conduct, fair, honest and trust worthy in all actions
Each staff member is required to be self-motivated and inspired to set an example for others to emulate. 
Co-operation and information sharing. Support each other to achieve the mission and vision.
Each staff member is expected to have the requisite skill to develop new processes and provide excellent service to clients.
Trusted By awesome Clients